Corner Sofa Bed - TORNADO

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Unique sofa with a sleeping function.

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Would you like a unique sofa with a sleeping function to stand in your interior? Then this practical piece of furniture will come in handy. It's a couch that is not only practical, but also looks great. It will certainly work in your apartment and make it look even more elegant than usual.

Well-matched colors

At first glance, your attention should be drawn to the well-matched colors of this sofa. The seat and backrest are upholstered in a shade of deep gray. The chest is brighter. It is in a shade that refers to the fashionable shade of concrete. Both of these colors look fantastic in combination with each other, and what is even more important - they are quite universal and can be a great background for accessories in intense shades. Thanks to this, you can easily fit the sofa into an already arranged living room.

Pretty big

The couch is 230 cm long. Its longer side is 150 cm, so it allows you to comfortably extend your legs on it. This makes the sofa extremely comfortable when it is still folded. This feature is even more pronounced when you finally unfold it and make a sleeping place for two. This is a great proposition for all people who like to be prepared in the event of an unexpected visit by guests. A comfortable sofa is simply a piece of furniture that is worth having in your own apartment. You will also be interested in the fact that the sofa has a large storage space. You can hide everything in it that you don't use very often or you just don't want it to be in plain sight.

Seat: 9 cm high durable foam
25/44 27 / 44hr


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Seat height

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