Corner Sofa Bed in luxurious velvet like fabric - VELVET - USHAPE

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Really impressive sofa that will turn your living room into a room like from a hotel catalog

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If you are looking for a really impressive sofa that will turn your living room into a room like from a hotel catalog, then you have found it. It is a unique piece of furniture that will work especially well in modern, modern and industrial interiors. Glossy upholstery will also decorate elegant arrangements.

Impressive sizes

This corner sofa with a sleeping function is 296 cm long. This is enough space for four people to sit comfortably on the couch. Its side parts are 150 cm long. Someone can sit on them or simply stretch their legs. After all, such a sofa is designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience. The sofa can also be easily turned into an additional sleeping place. At least two people can fit on it and sleep on it easily. It is a great piece of furniture that can be used as an emergency accommodation in your own apartment. It will definitely be useful!

Lovely upholstery

It is also necessary to emphasize the design of this sofa, because it is what draws attention to itself. Its upper surface is covered with a silvery material. It is a velor fabric that can be combed with the touch of a hand to make it look darker or lighter. The couch's chest was upholstered with a much lighter material. It is a smooth, off-white leather-like fabric. It fits perfectly with shiny gray and brings out its charm. Thanks to this, the furniture is also quite universal and it is easy to fit it into rooms in various styles.

Seat: 9 cm high durable foam
25/44 27 / 44hr


Data sheet

Seat depth
Seat height

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